Why Kundalini Yoga????


I’ve had several people over the last few weeks ask me, “What’s so special about Kundalini Yoga?” One could write a whole dissertation on this practice and its benefits — but here’s just a brief snippet about this beautiful yoga. “Kundalini yoga asks you to summon the physical and mental strength to mindfully maintain repetitive actions, such as using Breath of Fire while holding Half Boat Pose, or Ardha Navasana, for up to three minutes. By committing to each movement despite your mind’s desire to stop, you are training your nervous system to resist temptation to give up, just as you might train your muscles at the gym…it comes with some pretty incredible benefits.” – Tommy Rosen & Kia Miller, Yoga Journal (February 2015). Your endocrine system responds by secreting chemicals that create feelings of peace, bliss and harmony. You begin to feel and look better! You gain the awareness and power you need to overcome detrimental behaviors and you shine and radiate, as you are meant to do in this life! You begin to feel incredible and that spills over into all areas of your life. When you feel amazing, you do amazing things. Instead of going about your daily routine by rote, you begin to remember your true essence, which is love; and, in the words of my teachers, Ana Brett and Ravi Singh, everywhere you go you heal, uplift and inspire. What more could you want out of life?

Do Kundalini Yoga. Keep Shining. Peace Out!


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