Love, Sweet Love!


I don’t look at the popular news often. It seems little more than blatant sensationalism and usually chock full of horrific stories and very few facts. Yesterday with the appalling news coming out of the Ukraine, I broke my no-news-looking ban and read the heartbreaking story about the downed Malaysian airliner. I then read about the increased military action in Gaza. I then read about a TGV train crash in France. There followed a seemingly never-ending list of other tragic stories. I closed my computer and felt an overwhelming sadness about the state of world affairs.

It seems incomprehensible to me that the human race still wages war, murders, destroys with the hope of those violent acts somehow bringing about peace. How insane is that? That we could still be raising children who become such hard-hearted adults who see a plane in the sky and think to themselves, “I’m going to bring that sucker down,” boggles my mind. How have hate, malice and revenge continued to dominate on the world stage? Who will stand up to this viciousness? Who will be the voice of reason? Who will turn the tide?

The answer, of course, lies with you and me. It comes from everyday acts of kindness and love. The more you fill your heart with love and let that love overflow into your families, your communities, your states and your countries, the more the tide will turn from malice to kindness, from violence to tenderness, from loathsome words to gentle lyrics, from hate to love. But it must begin with you and me. It will not come from heads of state or from passing legislation in the grand halls of government. It has to start with everyday people doing their part to shine light into darkness and sow seeds of peace in every action of every day.

We cannot just shake our heads and continue the status quo. We must teach our children the way of love and the way of peace. There are those who will laugh and scoff at this blog, saying that I (me, the writer) just don’t understand the way of the world. To those naysayers, I simply send love. We should all send them love. I wholeheartedly believe that the power of love is greater than missiles, more powerful than wars and more persuasive than heads of state. Perhaps love has never won out over time because it has never been implemented on a colossal scale by the masses.

So it is with this writing that I launch “Project Love.” I challenge those who read this blog to begin meditating, praying, sitting quietly, whatever it takes every morning for you to quiet your mind and fill your heart with love before going out into the world. Then with every encounter throughout the day, infuse those interactions with kind words, gentle smiles and peaceful reactions. Begin talking with your kids, your neighbors, your communities about how to bring more love into your everyday lives. Emulate the teachings of the saints and sages of the ages who used kind words to turn away wrath and who turned the other cheek in moments of conflict. Could this change the world? Is it too simplistic and naïve? The only way to find out is to try. For millennia humans have tried the way of war, the way of hate and the way of revenge. I think it’s high time to try a different path: a path with heart, the path of love sweet love.

Turn off the news. Spread love and light. Keep Shining. Peace Out!


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