Love Carries The Day!

The last week has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. I’ve been to a gorgeous wedding (one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to), I’ve been rejected for something that I really wanted (and thought I was going to get), and my son had a scary health moment when he passed out after receiving some vaccinations. On this fine Friday evening, I’m feeling a little spent emotionally. But as I reflect back over the happenings of the past week, I’m struck by how much love played a huge part in each of these occurrences. And, it makes me realize how, really, love never fails and love is all that matters. Since it’s the most fun, I’ll start with the wedding.

The wedding of my nephew and his beautiful bride took place on a fine (if not windy) New Mexico evening. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding (and I’ve been to many) where I was surer that the bride and groom were totally and completely committed to each other. This one will last. Mark my words. They exuded adoration with each drawn breath and with each gaze into each other’s eyes. It was more than overblown infatuation. Anyone in their presence felt the love and couldn’t help getting caught up in the moment. The whole event left everyone smiling and radiating back the love that these two brought to their vows. I know I sound sappy. But trust me, this wedding was special! Love carried the day.

Now, onto my rejection, though I’d really rather not talk about it. I won’t go into the finite details, but suffice it to say that I really, really wanted something and honestly thought I was going to get it. I was more than a little disappointed when the rejection came. I’m going to be honest, I’m not used to rejection. I cried. I cried some more and then I realized, I had to tell people who were waiting to hear, that I’d been rejected. Then I cried again because I wasn’t relishing telling people that I’d been turned down. But, I swallowed my pride and began sending out texts informing people of my rebuff. Within seconds texts came back with the most encouraging, the sweetest and the most loving messages. “It’s their loss, they don’t know what they’re missing, this just means something better is on its way.” The most endearing texts and messages came from my sons. My big, brawny, stoic oldest son simply wrote, “That’s okay mom, we still love you.” My youngest son called and began in his sunny way telling me all the reasons that this was really for the best and how much he loved me! I then proceeded to cry some more because I realized that no matter what I did or didn’t do I was loved. There were no strings attached to the love from my friends and family. Love carried the day.

Finally, the scariest parenting moment I’ve ever had. My son Jackson had to get some vaccinations today. On the way home he passed out while I was driving. His head was lolling, his eyes were open and rolling back in his head and his tongue was halfway hanging out. I stopped in the middle of the road and had his head in my hands, yelling “JACKSON, JACKSON, CAN YOU HEAR ME, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU. YOU HAVE TO COME BACK!!!” In that scariest of moments, when he was simply gone and vacant, all I wanted him to know was how much I loved him. He came to on my way to the emergency room. So we went back to the immunization clinic instead, as it was closer. Turns out this is fairly common with teenagers and vaccines. Who knew? In those interminable seconds when Jackson was passed out, even in the midst of the fear, I knew that it was love that I wanted him to remember and come back to. Love carried the day.

Really, at the end of the day, love is all that matters. It supersedes the trappings and fanfares of weddings, it sustains in times of disappointment and it trumps the most fearful of situations. When all else is stripped away, love will be there to get you through. Tell your friends and family you love them. Keep Shining. Peace Out!

I promise to have more recipes soon. Until then love yourself and love your neighbor!


2 thoughts on “Love Carries The Day!

  1. This is great! Last year as every school turned me down I would come and complain to you. Every time you would tell me how stupid the school was for not accepting me. If there is anyone who deserves to have the same treatment it is you. Whatever the issue, you are better off. Also, they are so stupid for not accepting you. Lori, you’re awesome! I love you and your family, you guys are going to be fine. I hope that my family is as cool as yours one day.

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