Bogus Lies Women Are Told


So, when I should have been grading essays, I started poking around on the web – specifically looking at getting-fit-over-forty-for-women pages and I started to get REALLY frustrated. I don’t know how many times I ran across pages that stated – “It’s normal to gain weight as you get older.” Or… “When you hit menopause, just expect to put on five or ten pounds – and get comfortable with it.” WHAT???? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with gaining five or ten pounds. What I take issue with is how – especially for women – it is just considered the norm, the way of things, how the world works.

Well, I’m here to say NUH-UH! You do NOT have to just deal with gaining that extra weight, feeling tired all the time, being grouchy etc., which somewhere along the line became the expected way of life for aging women. I’m here to call bogus on that line of thinking. I’m tired of the school of thought that says: Men get distinguished; women get haggard. Whoever thought up those rules didn’t ask me – and if I didn’t get a vote, then don’t ask me to follow the rules.

Listen up ladies, there are definite proactive things you can do to age beautifully (inside and out), live large and enjoy every minute you have on this planet! I’m pushing 46 and have never felt better. I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m looking forward to what the next 46 years bring – and I’m definitely not going to fade into the sunset. I plan to shake things up a little (or maybe a lot) and perhaps change the world in the process!

My blog over the next several weeks will be installments on how to feel groovy if you’re over forty. I’ll talk about some of the things that have worked for me and some things that have flopped. I’ll give a few recipes along the way and be here to encourage you to ditch all those websites, magazines and people that don’t inspire you to be exactly who you were meant to be while riding this big rock around the sun. We all have a purpose and I want to embolden you to find that purpose no matter what your age. Read on and discover that it’s never too late and age is nothing more than a silly number! Who’s with me?

In part one of this blog series, I’ll talk about something that causes many women to tremble and shake – DIET!!! Okay, I want you to hang with me here. I’m not talking about diet as in; I have to go on one. I’m talking about real life, everyday, three times a day meals. I’m talking about describing a way of eating that will make you feel awesome, lose weight and be saying – “why haven’t I always eaten like this.” Check back on Saturday for this first installment in this series of blogs. Until then: Don’t listen to bad advice. Keep Shining. Peace Out!


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