How To Start A Groovy Kick Ass Exercise Routine-Part 1

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Something that has been a lifesaver for me through all of life’s ups and downs has been exercise. I know some of you are groaning right now and thinking “no no no—not the E word!” Listen up people—the bottom line is you can’t be a groovy kick ass person if you don’t exercise. There is just no way around it. However, before you click my blog closed and declare it bogus, I beg you to just read a little bit further. It might not be as bad as you think. Exercise doesn’t have to be in a sweaty gym with men whose biceps are bigger than their brains. Not to totally slam gyms—if that’s your thing, then more power to you. But, some people just don’t have time to get to the gym—and I get that. I personally don’t like the gym for a variety of reasons, the first of which is that I don’t like to have to get in my car and drive somewhere to exercise. It just feels like too much time and effort and I can’t be bothered to do it.

The good news is that my recipe for exercise doesn’t include even one gym membership and starts with just a decent pair of running shoes. So let’s begin with getting a good pair of shoes. One shouldn’t have to take out a loan to have decent exercise footwear. Contrary to the advice you will get at a running store, shoes don’t have to cost a lot. When I first decided to get into shape, I had a bargain pair of shoes that had some cushion to them, but they were far from designer or expensive. Today, there is the school of thought that the less cushion in the shoes, the better (see Barefoot Running). You can pay an arm and a leg for these non-cushioned shoes (everyone is trying to profit off the latest fad). However, you can go to your closest discount store (TJ Maxx or Ross) and find a fine pair of shoes off the sale rack that will get you started until you decide what kind of exercise works best for you.

So now that we’ve settled the footwear dilemma/excuse, let’s move on to how to get your body moving! Though there are many books, gyms, supplements and TV personalities that would have you believe otherwise, it’s really very simple. The start of a groovy kick ass exercise routine is to just begin moving. You don’t have to run a marathon (though marathons are really groovy and kick ass!) You don’t need a gym. You don’t need expensive supplements. You don’t need anything but a decent pair of shoes and a little motivation. You already have the shoes—and I’m going to give you the motivation.

No matter what your weight, no matter what your situation, no matter how bad you feel about yourself, you are closer than you think to having a groovy kick ass body. There are many who have purposefully made getting in shape seem like a complicated science project. You see, there isn’t any profit in letting people know that getting in shape, while not easy, isn’t complicated or expensive. It is simply a matter of starting to move. And once you start—and keep at it, you will find that you crave that movement because of how it makes you feel physically and mentally—and when you start shedding unwanted weight, well that is just a bonus!

So let’s get started! What I’m going to ask you to do is to commit to moving your body for only thirty minutes a day. If that means you have to get up thirty minutes earlier every morning then that’s what you must do. If it means watching thirty minutes less of TV everyday, then that’s what you must do. If it means taking thirty minutes less of a lunch break then that’s what you do. Somehow, some way you must find thirty extra minutes in your day to commit to moving. Period. For some of you, I understand that this might seem like a monumental task to find this thirty extra minutes in your already overworked, underpaid life. But you must trust me that by carving out this time, everything else in your life will seem to flow a little bit better. By taking this thirty minutes, for yourself to move your body, you will find that it seems you actually have more time. Exercise will make you feel so much better, that you will probably get more done! I promise. Really. Part 2 coming later in the week. Move Your Body. Commit. Keep Shining. Peace Out!

I’m going to post a new recipe later in the week with part two of this blog. Until then eat up your healthy carbohydrates and get you body moving!


3 thoughts on “How To Start A Groovy Kick Ass Exercise Routine-Part 1

  1. Lori — You continue to inspire me. Your encouragement has me embracing the idea that if I take care of myself first I’ll be able to serve all those people I love that much better. Today I made myself Kale chips for lunch, with a nice sliced Mango (found a ripe one at the store this morning!) I’m committed to feeding myself healthy foods, regardless of the flack I may receive from the family ;-). And I must admit, that as much of a carnivore as I profess to be, the meat aisle at the grocery store has become less and less appealing! With the weather turning warmer and dryer, I’m going to see if I can take your 30 minute/day challenge. xoxoxo, mb

    • Yay Mary Beth! I’m so glad you’re finding inspiration in my words. Keep at it and thank you for reading. You are such an inspiration for so many people, myself included. Taking good care of you will just let your light shine brighter than it already does. Your lunch sounds amazing! Mango and kale chips mmmmmm….. Eat well and be well my friend! xoxoxo

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