You Deserve a Gift and Fruits & Veg!


Short post today. My son and I are on spring break and I slept in a bit, followed by some amazing Kundalini yoga & cardio. When my son woke up, we made pancakes and smothered them with blackberries, blueberries, pecans and real maple syrup. Then we played a rip roaring game of Settlers of Catan (I lost most heinously)! The only recipe today is to grab a ton fresh fruit and veggies and start chowing down! I’m making a batch of Pho noodle soup this afternoon – and if it turns out well, I’ll post the recipe in a day or two. I won’t be blogging tomorrow, as a friend and I are road tripping to Salt Lake City!

Who doesn’t like gifts? I love getting an unexpected present! It always makes my day a little brighter and better. When you add more fruits and veggies to your diet, it’s like giving your body an amazing gift everyday. You don’t have to go totally vegetarian, just up the amount of produce alongside whatever meal you’re eating. Consuming more fruits and vegetables characterizes on of THE BEST ways to get your shine on! The following list represents ten gifts you give yourself when you add more fruits and veggies to your everyday diet! Eat More Fruits & Veg. Keep Shining. Peace Out!

  1.      Your skin will begin to look smoother and have better color.
  2.      You will have more energy.
  3.      You will feel less bloated and less constipated.
  4.      You will most likely lose some weight.
  5.      You mood will improve.
  6.      All your bodily organs will function better.
  7.      You will smell better.
  8.      You will begin to really taste food as your taste buds detox from fat, salt and sugar.
  9.      You will probably save money. A coke and large fries runs around $3.00. If instead you have an apple, a scoop of peanut butter and herbal tea that you brought from home, which costs around $1.00 – $1.50, you’re saving at least a dollar – maybe more! Over a whole year, that’s a lot of savings!
  10.   With all the previous benefits, you will feel better overall – with a skip in your step and a smile on your face! 




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