Friends & Forthcoming Pho!


So today’s post, will once again be a short one. I’m working on a Pho Soup recipe that I will post once I’ve perfected it. For those of you who don’t know, Pho is a Vietnamese soup and it’s currently one of my favorite things! It is chock full of veggies and good carbs. I can’t wait to have the recipe finalized to post it for you guys here! 

It’s spring break for me and my son — so I’m looking forward to a week of yoga, running, sunshine, laughter, cooking, writing etc. I hope you all have a grand week ahead of you!

I love the above saying by Wilferd Peterson. It’s so important, when selecting those with whom you will spend your time, to choose wisely. You want to hang out with the encouragers, the dreamers, the grounded and the hopeful. Spending time with people who complain, moan, gripe, discourage and gossip will not help you get where you want to go. Negative people will never encourage you to follow your dream. They will keep you bogged down in destructive minutia, which prevents you from pursuing abundance.  

It’s okay to take inventory of the people in your life and decide to winnow the crowd down to the ones who exude positivity and shine! Your spirit should feel ignited and inspired after hanging out with those you call friends. Spend time with people who hearten you to pursue your own personal excellence. By thinning your inner circle to those who truly incite greatness, you will be able to inspire and likewise be inspired to live a more abundant life. Choose Your Friends Wisely. Keep Shining. Peace Out!


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